Abraham Agboola George was born in Okitipupa Ondo State of Nigeria. Engineer by profession. Managing Director of Blessed George’s Ventures. Founder of Sword of Faith Bible College.  He is known to be a devoted teacher of the Word of God, respected speaker and a powerful prayer champion. He was called to go and teach the on 25th of October 1997 with the name Sword of Faith Assembly, with commissioned message of Faith and Salvation.
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Blessed George’s Ventures are entirely Nigerian owned venture duly registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Having a tracking record of having published more than forty- five books, thirty-three were personally owned by the Ventures. We are reputed for keeping our customers happy through the provision of excellent services that meet international benchmark at very competitive prices.
Our mission is to guide people to discover and unleash their Potentials. Thus, if you discover what to do with your life, no matter the odds you will become successful. A nation, organization and individual who do not discover himself and his purpose, will remain dormant, unfruitful and waste for life.

Thus, having a purpose for your life is the best motivator, knowing what you want, having a goal and working out a plan to achieve the goal will compel you to put forth every effort to see that those dreams become reality. And to achieve this, you need the best and quality information through the reading of our books, so as to aid our customers in attaining spiritual and material growth and productivity. We provide reliable and effective commensurated services to our clients through a world class service and appropriate actions by the application of the required resources.
For you to be the most efficient and effective creative agency among your equal:
Blessed George’s Ventures, through our media concepts, will engrossed and connect you to God’s and His words, the Bible, your manufacture’s manual.

Remember the former things of old. For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me. Declaring the end from the beginning. And from ancient times things that are yet done. Saying My counsel shall stand. And I will do all My pleasure (Isa. 49: 9-10).

In other words, God is saying here that He sees the end before it He begins, I finish before I begin, I finish before I start. God says I will not begin with the beginning. It begin with the end first before I start to begin. Anytime God begins anything is evidence that is already finished.

Therefore, through our publication’s information, if carefully read and digested upon, it will connect you to your maker God, who said whatever I intend you to do and have; I have already given it to you. So begin with your life. Thus, your success is guaranteed, because God had seen your end from the beginning.

Consequently, if you can see your end from the beginning that means you carry vision. Vision is seeing your end from the beginning, so your vision about your life is seeing the end of your life at the beginning. And that is the utmost purpose of our writing.
Man as God’s image, have qualities reflecting Him to govern and exercise dominion over all things He had created. The first man, Adam in the image and likeness of his Grand Creator had divine attributes of love, wisdom, justice and power. Hence, he possesses a sense of morality and conscience. In the image of God, he was to be a global administrator and have in subjection everything in creation.

You as the son of the second Adam (Jesus Christ) begotten by Holy Spirit, possess all the fullness of God, as His beloved Son, like father, like son so says the adage. Jesus said as the Father sent Me, so I send you too, Jesus send, the believers with the fullness of His power, you can do it brother and sister, if only you will rise to discover who you really are as you harness and unleash the creativity forces inside you
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